Internal Struggles with selfishness, love, pain, addiction and faith are just a few moments in the life of an Ordinary Woman. The1Essence takes you through those moments with the short stories; My Brother, Myself; Sex and Satan (Contains explicit content); and a collection of poetry.

The1Essence continues her "Memoirs of an Ordinary Woman" series by introducing you to a young Mamie Batiste then submerging you in her metamorphosis into the Mamie McGillicuddy that held you captivated in "Memoirs of and Ordinary Woman, Volume II, Bottom Bytch".
Journey if you dare into the madness of "Mamie's Mayhem"!

The1Essence has put together an extensive collection of poetry with hopes that you love, laugh, cry, rejoice and be inspired as you enjoy this journey called LIFE!

The1Essence continues her "Memoirs of An Ordinary Woman" series with the extraordinary tale of Nicole McGillicuddy. A young woman coming of age on the City of Milwaukee's tough North Side, in the center of a world filled with pimps, prostitutes, murder and mayhem... Will love, death & life in the streets shape Nicole's destiny?

The1Essence has created a collection of books that expose the raw emotions of humanity

Journey with her if you dare!